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# VIDEO HERE 2014-08-20 20:56
Adel & Jess are generally a couple tunes lovers, these people achieved simply by chance on the renowned Academy “JR La Sala” in Valencia in 2011.
Right here, an incredible tale starts with regards to
a voice scholar (Adel) and also voice tutor (Jess). Many people realized on the
first evening them to have been meant to succeed in the entire world of songs.

It all started out in January 2012 inside a competitors released inside Hitsbook.
Your competition was comprised of remixing the particular music "Watching a tree", constructed simply by well-known Spanish professional
Antonio Zabalburu on the serie Hospital Central.

All simply a good cause, to help and cooperate with the PROTECT project (against pedophilia), directed through the actor and Global Humanitaria.
This is the video clip:
This video had been effectively received by netizens
very good and it has been one of the most viewed and the almost all voted in all Hitsbook system in only several nights!
Furthermore,tou rnament organizers were stunned with the operate completed by this kind
of Valencian duo. They ended up being basically
reported seeing that Adel & Jess.
As well as the pleasant account remains within summer months 2012, after they done several concert events and
also reports with Valencia. We were holding performing marketing
and advertising intended for different radios (97.
7 Valencia, Radio 9, etc.) having gorgeous songs which are able
to the heart in their traditional acoustic demonstrates.
At present, Adel & Jess have got attained more than 5,000,
000 vistas on their Youtube channel, each day and have thousands of sights on the videos in addition to counting with
more supporters everyday.

Also visit my blog; VIDEO HERE
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